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5050 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL 34104
April 21, 2018
11:00 am

Resurrection changed everything

Message: "Part 2: The Blessing"

Theme: In part one of this short series, we looked carefully at the tragic event when Jacob received the important family blessing from his father Isaac that properly belonged to Esau. The practice of giving The Blessing from the parent to the child was a critical moment. In many Jewish homes the practice of giving The Blessing is still done. Parents of all ages should notice the importance of the giving of The Blessing to their children for the child's own well being.

But in today's world, many adults live their lives without ever have had the blessing from their parents. For whatever reason, millions of children grow to be adults without ever getting the love, acceptance and developmental support from their parents. That lack of having never received the parental approval and love affects their lives, relationships, and personal beliefs. This Sabbath, we will look at what to do when The Blessing has been withheld.

Scripture: Genesis 37


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"Part 2: The Blessing"
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