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Children's MinistriesThe children in our church are not just the future—they are actively included in the ministries of the church today.



Workers Background Checks
If you work with kids at the church, please be aware that the conference requires all volunteers to fill out a background check form. This includes Sabbath School teachers, Adventurer leaders/staff, Pathfinder leaders/staff and Children's Ministry leaders/staff. Please complete the volunteer form and place it in the Children's Ministries mailbox in the Pastor's office.

► Click here for the Children's Ministry Volunteer Forms (PDF)

Help for Parents
Parents today are under immense pressure to turn out perfect kids--especially Christian parents. So it isn't surprising that many of us suffer tremendous guilt and uncertainty.

Today we wonder: How do I balance work, home and church? Am I giving my kids the best that I can? How do I share my faith with my kids? How do I find the right parenting resources with so much information available out there and so little time?

The ADVENTIST PARENTING newsletter can help. Sign up to receive these bi-monthly newsletters at

"REAL" Magazine for Non-SDA Children
The Review and Herald is developing a new magazine for non-SDA children. "REAL" magazine is currently collecting names of children who are not attending church at this time. You can submit the name of a grandchild, niece, nephew or next door neighbor to The site also provides an opportunity to send the magazine, without cost, to the name you submit. 
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