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5050 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL 34104
August 19, 2017
11:00 am

Resurrection changed everything

Message: "She Anointed Him For All of Us"

Theme: The story of Mary's act of love that she did at the feast in Bethany has lived throughout all of Christian history.  And well it should.  Her act of anointing Jesus' head with perfume and washing His feet with her tears speaks of love and respect to millions of Christians around the world.  We shall look at that story of Mary at Simon's House, but the story itself is linking to the events of Judas' betrayal and to Jesus' arrest.  They're specifically tied to Mary's story, and give us pause to reflect on the larger story of Jesus' sacrifice for all of us.  The Gospel record of what happened to Jesus helps us see the great hand of God moving within our human experience.

Scripture: Mark 14:1-10


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Praising His Name

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Proclaiming the Word

~Worship Message
"She Anointed Him For All of Us"
Pastor Bill Bossert, DMin.
~Prayer of Dedication Pastor Bill Bossert, DMin.

Dedicating Our Lives

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